Ya Vienen: Chapter Two | Part Six

A. Valverde-Galván
4 min readAug 18, 2022


Fictional Horror Series

black background, blue puff of smoke, white text: “Ya Vienen: Chapter Two Part Six”

I wish I could say I woke up in a sweat. Truth be told, I flat out pissed myself. My hands and left arm were heavy. Numb. I didn’t have enough time to process any of this. The alarm was still roaring.

How long until I’d hear the sound of sirens?

I gathered my core strength and thrusted myself onto my side. Then to my feet. I couldn’t stand up straight and was left to a hunchbacked form instead.

I went for the door. My good hand trembled in front of the knob. I was afraid of what waited for me. I opened it and walked out trepidatiously. That’s when I noticed smell. Something was burning.

I made as much of a run as I could to the kitchen. There was my comal covered in smoking black flakes. I flipped the stove’s knob to *off* with two fingers. I turned to grab the oven mitt next to my sink when I saw my tortilla warmer. I felt compelled to open it. I didn’t question it. Letting my comal continue to smoke, I took off the lid. Out came a single fly.

I gasped and took a step back. I froze. My knees locked, but I was able to catch myself along the rim of the sink. I remained squatting as I forced several deep breaths in and out. Before I was ready I felt a cold rush up my spine and with it I stood. Now upright, breathing heavily, a new sensation fell over me. My feet and legs began to tingle. They started to feel heavier and heavier. I couldn’t raise them. I couldn’t move my ankles from side to side or wiggle my toes. I tried to pull on my left leg, but it was too heavy to lift. My hands and arms began the same trek as my lower half. The tingles traveled upwards. My throat tightened. My lips pursed. My cheeks and brows quivered as my eyes locked. All I could do was stand there. Staring at the corner of my silver sink.

My heart was beating hard. My temples were pounding. I felt trapped inside my body. My mind raced. My panic intensified.

How long could my heart take this?

I’m gonna die here. I’m gonna fucking die here!

I was stuck in this immobilizing stance for no more than a minute before there was a knock at the door. After a few seconds of banging, I was released from my bindings and fell to the floor.

More banging.

“Hey! Are you ok?! Can you hear me?!”

Slowly, I got back up and walked to the door. No longer in pain, I tenderly brushed the dust off my pajama shirt. I looked in my entrance mirror and fixed my hair. I gently placed my now still hands against the door. I looked through the peep hole and saw my neighbor battering at the wood between us. But I couldn’t feel the beating.

I looked away. As I did all noise ceased. The air sounded and felt hallow. I was operating in a vacuum. I half expected to be yanked out the door upon its opening.

But nothing happened. Instead of a hungry abyss, there was my half dressed neighbor. Our eyes met as soon as the door drifted away from my face.

Upon seeing me his jaw dropped and face lost all color.

“Are..you ok?” My neighbor asked, more in confusion and fear rather than in concern.

“Yes. Thank you.” I stated, flatly. I tried to close the door but my neighbor spoke up again.

“Your…alarm. It’s going off. Sh-should I call 911?”

“No. I’m ok. It’s ok. Thank you.”

“Do…you need help shutting the alarm off? Do you have something to reach it?”

“I will turn the alarm off. Thank you.” I said, closing the door.

After turning off each alarm, I stripped down and removed my sheets. I placed a towel on my bare bed while I showered. Once I was done I removed the towel and changed my linen. Now refreshed, I returned to the kitchen. I cleaned my comal and the stove top. I placed my tortilla warmer back in the cupboard and wiped down the counter.

I returned to my corner of the sink and stiffened. Finally, some peace.

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