Ya Vienen: Chapter Two | Part Four

A. Valverde-Galván
3 min readAug 4, 2022


Fictional Horror Series

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After taking a long hot shower I covered my face and body in my favorite lotions and potions. Leading me to dress in my favorite pair of pajamas. I desperately needed to feel my body. Be in my body. To find something within me still grounded enough to hold onto.

I’ve felt stuck between the waking world and the dream one since my first nightmare. I wanted to be *here* again. No more nightmares. Just normalcy.

As normal as it can be without Tia Valéria.

I was drained. But I knew that if I closed my eyes long enough, that version of my tia would be there. That its presence would take precedent over the loving memories I so desperately needed to rely on, right now. I haven’t grieved and my spirit was yearning for it. I wasn’t remembering her and I was worse for it.

I had to get myself out of it this. What was happening was nothing more than coincidence and stress. This entire week has just been coincidence and stress. And it was keeping me from mourning. I had to shake this off.

I was determined to sleep, free from that simulacrum. I went over the logistics in my head. How this and that could have happened.

I was almost able to convince myself. But there was no logical explanation for the lipstick and the mugs. There just wasn’t.

However, this internal argument wasn’t enough to fight off my exhaustion. Unable to do anything more, I finally closed my eyes and went to sleep.


I was sitting in the living room. Playing guitar with my Tia Valéria. Both strumming our strings as she lulled along. No words. Just melodies.

This was something she and I did often. Ever since my 13th birthday when she had given me my first guitar. Every Thursday for the past 20 years, she and I would play together in the surrounding comfort of her pastel pink walls. Ever so often breaking to exchange the latest chismés. She with her cafécito. I with my tea. This had been a welcomed constant for most of my life. This time however…this time something was off.


“Qué?” I turned my head and blinked hard.

“That something that is off? Food. There’s no food.”, Tia Valéria’s chubby cheeks rose and formed a little smile. Her well worked hands grabbed mine. “Come, help me make some tortillas.

“Tortillas?!” I laughed. “I thought we were going to eat.”

“You want to eat you roll up your sleeves. You want food go to McDonalds.”

I shook my head and followed my tia to her plant lined kitchen.

Once in the thick of it I turned to my Tia Valéria.

“You know, you’re the one who taught me to make tortillas?”

“Yes I remember. Back when you were a little shit”

“Jaja, TIA!” I looked at her again. “Was I really that bad?”


We both break into laughter.

“Ok chavala, no more laughing. Put on some music and lets get to work”



A. Valverde-Galván