Ya Vienen: Chapter Two | Part Two

Fictional Series

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I don’t know how long I stood there before deciding to try and settle my nerves. I turned on the electric kettle and began to search for my favorite tea. Chamomile. From the same plant my Tia Valéria used to grow. Her garden was full of flowers, veggies and herbs, all of which were open to family and neighbors to pick. Anything left [which was usually a lot] was taken to local shelters.

Who’s going to tend the garden now?

I blew into my mug just as my wrist began to tickle.

It was Giselle, Tia Victoria’s eldest and only daughter.


“Hey mija, how are you?”

“I’m alright…you?”


“My mom called…So you can write the eulogy.”

“She called you, to tell me?”

“Ximena…what happened…with grandma? It was a lot ok. None of know how to handle that. To handle you.”

I swallowed hard, “Handle me?”

Clearly there were conversations happening about that day. None of which included me.

“Now’s not the time, I’m sorry I brought it up. We really have more important things to talk about. So the eulogy?”

I stayed silent wondering about all the things being said about me, until the guilt creeped in and forced out my declaration of defeat.

I cleared my throat and asked “Eulogy? I thought you said obituary?”

“She wants you to do both”

Confused, I pressed again. “So she wants me to speak at the funeral?”

“You’re the oldest” Giselle replied with clear annoyance.

Giving up, “Ok Giselle, let my tia know I’ll get the obituary to her by the end of the night. The eulogy will be ready before the funeral.”

“Thanks, prima.” She said in a cheery tone, which pissed me off beyond belief.

“Later Giselle.”


Good. She left as annoyed as me.



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