Bravo! Bravo!

A. Valverde-Galván
1 min readNov 7, 2022


Dark Poetry

black background, hands raised in applause with rainbow confetti falling down, white text: “Bravo! Bravo!”

You did it!

You survived
The worst moments
Of your life

Celebrate your pain
Because it proves
You are alive

Never question
The experience
The violence
And existential dread

Don’t you dare
Be ungrateful
For the pain
The lines your thighs, heart, and head

You were chosen
By boys and teens
To experiment with evil
At four and nineteen

Why must you cry?
Why can’t you celebrate
Your life?

Don’t you realize
How lucky you are?
Now dry those eyes

You earned this.

Hi! I’m A. Valverde-Galván and I write dark poetry as a means to heal. I hope my words can serve as a reminder, that we are not alone. That we all deserve to be heard and seen.

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A. Valverde-Galván